65th SGA President Christopher Epps achieves the SGA President of the Year Award

Alcorn State University SGA President Christopher Epps was named SGA President of the Year at the third annual HBCU Leadership and Impact Awards hosted by HBCU Mister and Miss on April 14. The event recognized student leaders who have significantly impacted their student body and community.

HBCU Mister and Miss has “a goal to make campus leaders feel seen and to use this platform to make their presence heard.” The organization vows to connect historically black colleges and universities through student leadership and engagement.

“I am honored to receive this prestigious award. When I first heard I got nominated, my pessimistic side said they would never choose me. However, when they announced that I was the winner of this award, it was at that moment I reflected on the things I and my cabinet have done throughout this year,” said Epps.

As the school year ends, this award reminds Christopher to reflect on the goals he has accomplished during his tenure.

“It has been a long but treasured journey. Since high school, I always told my friends I would be SGA president at Alcorn. Accomplishing this goal is a testament to my dedication this year. As president, I got to sit in the room with administrators, leaders, and community activists to help mold the future of the student body and the great institution I call ‘Dear Ole Alcorn,’” said Epps.

Taking on the role of SGA president has allowed Christopher to grow professionally and personally.

“I have grown professionally and become more independent as a person. I’ve learned that once you are in the fire, there is no turning back. Being in a leadership position will show you that, but I endured. Every day I step outside my dorm room, I fight for my ‘why,’ and that is my peers. Whether it’s asking about professional development, which classes to take to graduate, or mental health,” said Epps.

Christopher plans to take everything he has learned and apply it forward to reach the rest of his career goals.

“I like to write down my goals, and once written, I go after them. Five years from now, I see myself in Washington, D.C., working on top issues in agriculture. I believe this position has molded me and equipped me with the knowledge to talk and come up with resolutions. As I stated before, being SGA president is not an easy task; it truly takes you through all walks of life. I believe through all the challenges I have had this year, I am a little more prepared to take on the four-letter word called ‘life,’” said Epps.