What is a great vacation spot for Alcornites?

Donna Hayden.jpg

Donna Hayden, Class of 1988

Gaithersburg, Tennessee – there is lots to do…it’s a hidden gem that it is great for the entire family.

L Mickell.jpg

Lyvetta Mickell, Class of 1999, 2010

I think a great vacation spot for Alcornites would be the Bahamas! I’ve never been, but I’ve heard it’s totally awesome!

Senobia Rogers.jpg

Senobia Rogers, Class of 2004

Montego Bay, Jamaica, is an amazing vacationing spot for Alcornites!! With your family and friends, you get to enjoy the beautiful weather while exploring the tropical shores. There is nothing like walking out of your resort right onto the sandy beach, while listening to great Caribbean music and eating fantastic food. If you love adventure, climbing Dunn’s River Falls, parasailing, ziplining, and bobsledding are a must! Once you have explored Jamaica, you will look forward to visiting again.

Deidre Knox.jpg

Deirde Knox, Class of 2008, 2010, 2013

I'm impressed with the natural beauty and history of Vicksburg and Natchez. That's why I always recommend Alcorn students and visitors to the Lorman campus to visit both cities. There are great restaurants, attractions and museums. You can have a great time close to home and it's educational too.

Harrison Agordzo.jpg

Harrison Agordzo, Class of 2014

I think that Miami, Florida, is a great vacation spot for Alcornites. I was there last year at a conference and I really want to go back there for vacation.