What is your favorite exercise rouitne?

Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd.jpg

Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, Class of 1986

I think the best exercise is swimming. I go to my gym once a week and swim for an hour and a half or two hours.

Dr. Gregory Reed.jpg

Dr. Gregory Reed ’86

I do walking and biking. These two forms of exercise keep the heart pumping, build your cardiovascular system and help to get in shape.

Dr. Avis Joseph.jpg

Dr. Avis Joseph, Class of 1992 and 1995

My favorite exercise is dancing. I dance for 30 minutes and then do five minutes of stretches every day.


Dr. Cortney Harris, Class of 2003 and 2008

I participated in Alcorn Extension’s Health and Wellness Program six-week challenge and plan to continue exercising with volunteers at my church twice a week. I also go to the Fitness First Studio on campus.

Kali Sandoval.jpg

Kalinina Sandoval Class of 2013

I like to run outdoors! I truly miss being at Alcorn and running from the new dorms all the way to the tennis courts in that beautiful trail! Summer is all about getting your exercise outdoors so a good run and some abs, burpees, and push ups are the best workout for this warm weather!