Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness or did a random act of kindness for someone?

Imogene Stubbs.jpg

Imogene Stubbs, Class of 1974

Our neighbor died and when my husband James and I stopped by to express our condolences, we noticed that the air conditioning was not working. We immediately called our technician to come out and repair it and send us the bill. She and her family were so appreciative.

Snezhana Polyakova.jpg

Snezhana Polyakova, Class of 2002

A few years back, I found myself sitting in a café, crying… I hit a rough patch and tears were pouring down my face uncontrollably. A young girl was finishing her lunch at the table next to mine. As she paid her bill and was headed out the door, she dropped a hand-written note on my table and kept moving. I looked at the note and smiled… things didn’t seem to be so bad anymore. Till this very day, I keep that note pinned to my refrigerator as a gentle reminder that everything always gets better in the end. And here is what the note said: “You are BEAUTIFUL. I promise, it will get better. ‘Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’

Gloria Porter.jpg

Gloria Washington-Porter, Class of 2005

I often do random acts of kindness because it is a blessing to be the lender. The word teaches us that we are blessed to bless others. I am a 7th grade ELA teacher in Tensas, one of my students scored “mastery” on his state test. I rewarded him with a tablet and all of the other students received gift cards or uniforms to begin the next school year!

Derrick Jones.jpg

Derrick Jones, Class of 2010

I have both experienced and performed an act of kindness.

I was driving home one night and I saw a car with its emergency lights on. This young lady was out of gas. Fortunately, I had a gas container in my trunk and I drove her to and from the nearest gas station.

I have also received an act of kindness during an internship with Alcorn at the Natchez Farmers Market. A tourist from Belgium gave me a $50 tip for helping her carry her groceries.

“Do right and right will follow you” is a quote I learned from my father and I abide by it daily.

Nakita Frye.jpg

Nakita Frye, Class of 2010

Whenever I can help someone I will whether it’s sharing food or assisting with a homework assignment.

It brightens up my day to be there for someone in need because you never know when the day will come that you need a “random act of kindness” bestowed upon you.