Adrian McLain participates in Governor’s Luncheon

Alcorn State University Student Government Association President Adrian McLain participated in a discussion on creating unity in the state of Mississippi.

Adrian was among several students from colleges and universities in the state who served as panelists at Mission Mississippi’s Governor’s Leadership Prayer Luncheon and Summit Wednesday, April 6 at the Jackson Convention Complex. The topic of discussion was improving race relations in Mississippi.

Adrian said that he had an amazing time discussing ways of unifying everyone in Mississippi.

“I really enjoyed my experience serving on the panel for the Governor’s Luncheon and Summit,” said Adrian. “It was an experience that allowed me to indulge in dialogue with other individuals where we were able to talk about certain differences regarding race relations within Mississippi.”

Although Adrian enjoyed the dialogue, he realized that improving race relations in the state will require more than just discussion; it will require putting forth the effort to make positive changes.

“I learned that there is so much that needs to be done within the state to improve race relations. While there was much dialogue and insight on what could be done, I learned that there is a dire need for action within the state. The only way race relations will get better here is if everyone realizes how big of an issue it is. We must understand that we cannot make decisions or remarks that may discriminate against a specific person or group. Those who genuinely want improvements should take their advocacies across the state and implement action.”

Adrian gave his opinion on how improvements in race relations would benefit Mississippi.

“I believe that if we improved race relations in the state, more corporations and business would chose to do business in Mississippi. I believe that if all societies realize each others’ differences and learn to move past them, then blatant racism and discriminatory practices would not be passed from one generation to the next.”

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