For Jason Ross, giving back to Alcorn State University is one of his top priorities. With his new staffing agency, J&R Ross Agency, he plans to fulfill his mission by providing quality job opportunities for his fellow Alcornites.

J&R Ross Agency is a professional staffing service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. The agency is built on a deep knowledge of expertise that crosses industries. From recent graduates to directors, the agency is skilled at marrying talent and business, and identifying the ideal professionals for our client’s culture, teams, and goals.

The agency offers positions in industries such as healthcare, legal, accounting, finance, information technology and telecommunications.

As Ross reflects on his educational journey, he credits Alcorn for molding him into an exceptional student and professional. His experience while pursuing his undergraduate degree is what motivates him to lend a helping hand to other Alcorn alumni.

“Alcorn State University has been a driving force in my educational and professional journey,” said Ross, who is the agency’s CEO. “Alcorn taught me what it means to be a superior student and consummate professional. Because of the experience that I had at Alcorn, I can’t think of a better way to give back than to provide my fellow Alcornites with employment opportunities.”

After Ross completed his education, job opportunities in his field were scarce. After going through his own struggles and seeing his peers endure the same battle, he decided to take matters into his own hands and not only help himself, but also help others.

“I was inspired to start my own staffing agency after my own hardships with locating positions that matched my credentials. After graduation, I found myself both underpaid and in a position unrelated to my career goals. I wanted to help people like me; those who attend school for years and subsequently have a hard time finding a position in their field. My goal is to connect qualified candidates who have pursued degrees with hopes of being rewarded immediately with jobs in their fields. I want to understand their needs and minimize the time for professionals to get started in their career.”

Ross’ agency does more than find people jobs. It is also filled with professionals who are there to aid clients in professional development.

“Our Professional Development Program provides one-on-one career coaching, group instruction and counseling customized to better address our client/employer’s needs. Employees benefit from workshops that provide the most relevant training needed to secure a new position. Our workshops are hands-on, interactive and focused on helping the job seeker identify specific areas for improvement and overall job searching skills including resumes, interviewing and using social media.”

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