The Office of the Registrar launches Robo-Registrar

Alcorn State University’s latest initiative will grant students and alumni a quicker, more convenient way of retrieving their credentials.

The Office of the Registrar launched the Robo-Registrar Initiative, which leverages digital technologies by extracting BANNER transcript data and providing it in PDF and other digital formats. The newfangled ordering process is part of the Office’s strategic evolution into a self-service data analytics unit that accelerates achievement of Alcorn’s mission-critical priorities.

The service extracts transcript data for electronic processing, locates online student records, confirms records using data elements supplied by the student, verifies credentials and approves orders that do not have transcript holds. The cost of official transcripts is $12. Customers can receive their transcripts by on-ground pick-up, printing or mailing to designated locations. Expedited delivery services will be charged an additional fee.

Assistant Registrar Dr. Tracee Smith, who led the initiative, said that one of the initiative’s priorities is to reinforce exceptional customer service.

“The new service will serve students and alumni with faster processing of their transcript requests and will include basic tracking as well as customer service support,” said Smith.

To submit information for transcript processing, visit the Registrar’s Office page in the Academics section on For more information about Robo-Registrar, contact Smith at (601) 877-3966 or by email at [email protected].

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