Elizabeth Myles earns doctorate degree from Jackson State

Personal growth and a desire to be a positive example to others were two driving forces that motivated Dr. Elizabeth Myles to further her education.

Myles, who is a marketing specialist for the School of Agriculture’s Mississippi Small Farm and Agribusiness Center at Alcorn State University, earned a doctorate degree in urban higher education from Jackson State University Friday, Dec. 9.

“It’s truly a blessing, and gratifying at the same time,” said Myles. “It has been an exciting opportunity because it has given me the opportunity to analyze the different facets of operations and management of higher education systems, both public and private.”

With her latest accomplishment, Myles hopes she can encourage others to commit to excellence, no matter what.

“My parents instilled morals and values in me that motivates me to do my best in whatever I attempt to achieve. I wanted to pursue a doctorate degree to advance my personal and professional growth and have the opportunity to inspire others, especially students.”

The two-year program required Myles to endure tons of reading, writing, research and conferences while being a full-time employee and mother to her two children. She said that had it not been for her faith and a strong support system, the journey she traveled would have been significantly harder.

“The program was very intense and rigorous, but every part of it was worth it. I have strong faith and a great family support system, especially my husband, Jerome E. Myles Sr.”

Myles gives solid advice to other full-time employees who have the desire to enroll in college.

“Try to have a balanced life between work and your personal life. Make sure that you have a strong support system and be able to multitask. Be organized, committed to the process and conduct intensive research in the area you are interested in. Also, have a made up mind, be determined and never give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles that arise.”

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