Brieana Driskill looks forward to inspiring women at her upcoming Glam, Grace & Mercy Conference

As an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Alcorn State University alumna Brieana Driskill, also known as Brie Elise, has created a platform that allows her to motivate others by sharing her life story.

The Memphis, Tennessee native will host the Glam, Grace & Mercy Conference Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 in her hometown. The purpose of the conference is to empower women from all walks of life by encouraging them to believe in themselves and pursue their goals. The conference will include vision boards, opportunities to network, guest speakers and vendors.

“I’m so passionate about women’s empowerment because today, we as women need each other,” said Driskill. “When one woman wins, we all win. There is so much for us to learn from each other.”

Back in July, Driskill released a 15-day devotional book that shares the title of her upcoming conference.

“My Glam, Grace & Mercy book and life story was the inspiration for the conference. I’ve been through many things, but I’ve overcome everything life has thrown at me. We all have a story. I actually believe everyone has a least one book inside of them.”

Driskill was born to a teen mother and was adopted at three weeks old. She’s endured a number of surgeries due to a disease called recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, which causes tumors on the vocal chords. The disease also causes difficulty speaking and breathing, and has the potential to cause cancer in the lungs. Not only did she hurdle those obstacles, she also survived a tumultuous relationship while being a single mother herself.

“The tumors that I’ve battled with were often benign, but a few of them were cancerous and were removed. I had numerous surgeries from birth until age 23. I’m currently in remission, but this is a disease that constantly comes and goes. Not only did I survive the tumors, but I also survived domestic violence and becoming a teen mother.”

Despite the trials and tribulations, Driskill successfully conquered the obstacles that life threw at her. She credits being spiritually grounded for her ability to push through.

“Faith has played a huge role in my success. My faith is what keeps me grounded and motivated, even when I don’t necessarily see the fruits of my labor. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is solely based on stepping out on faith.”

General Admission, vendor information for the conference and her book are available at Her book is also available on

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