Dr. Thompson Presents Ethics Workshop

On February 18th, 2017, Dr. LaShawn Thompson presented, as a part of the Human Rights Committee of the Ms Counseling Association, a three hour Ethics workshop in Jackson MS at the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center.

The presentation was entitled “Keeping them down: Combating Institutional isms- A Counselors’ Ethical Responsibility to Advocate, Educate & Bring them up!”

Within this presentation, the presenters assisted participants in recognizing their sometimes unknown biases, the roles of micro-aggressions in the marginalization of individuals based upon gender, sexuality, religion, race, culture, socio-economic and educational status, as well as how counselors can then advocate for various marginalized groups to ensure all individuals feel safe within society.

The goals of the presentation were to gain awareness of personal biases, to gain knowledge about institutional “ isms”, to learn how discrimination and marginalization impacts individuals societally and globally, and to address our ethical responsibility to identify bias, advocate for equality, and reverse institutional “isms”.

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