De’Adriana Jackson elected alderwoman in Fayette

Alcorn State University alumna De’Adriana Jackson will be a part of the city of Fayette’s new leadership team.

Jackson, who earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics education in 2005 and 2012, was elected alderwoman for the city Tuesday, June 6. Her duties will include working with other board members to establish policies, creating and adhering to the city’s budget, appropriating funds responsibly and heading committees.

As a mathematics teacher at Jefferson County High School, Jackson will start her journey with the children in mind. One of her initiatives as alderwoman is to provide more productive activities for the city’s youth.

“The children are always a priority,” said Jackson. “Our children need to have different activities that are available to them throughout the year. We complain about the teenagers hanging out in town, riding up and down Main Street, and going to parties every weekend, but we have to provide them with something else to do.”

Improving the look of the city is also a priority for Jackson. She believes that making the city more aesthetically pleasing will attract more businesses and opportunities.

“When you drive down Main Street, you’ll see landscapes that aren’t manicured, abandoned and damaged buildings, unusable sidewalks and so on. People will be reluctant to move here, start a business here or invest if we don’t make the city attractive. This is one of the many changes that I want to enforce.”

Before she decided to run for the position, Jackson never thought about entering politics. Strong encouragement from her loved ones is the reason she is an alderwoman today.

“When I first considered running, I really had to pray on it. I knew I wanted to be a part of my city’s turnaround and success, but I felt that politics was a messy business. Prayer and the support of my family and friends gave me that extra boost.”

Jackson is happy to be in a position to bring positive changes to the city of Fayette.

“I feel honored to know people felt that I could be a great asset to the city. I have been a citizen of Fayette all of my life; I’ve been here and I plan to stay here. I have an invested interest in this community. I felt like my city needed me, and I had the opportunity to do something about it. So, I stepped out on faith.”

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