Courageous Alcornite, Rhondula Green, helps deliver child mid-flight

When an emergency occurred during a Spirit Airline flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Dallas, Texas, Rhondula Green, an Alcorn State University alumna and Natchez, Mississippi native, was fearless enough to step in and assist with handling the situation.

Green, a registered nurse at a hospital in Dallas, was headed home from a vacation when suddenly a woman went into labor. Once she realized what was happening, her nursing instincts were activated.

“Initially, I was very anxious,” said Green, who earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2012. “I felt my heart racing and became a bit shaky. I suppose it was the adrenaline starting to kick in.”

At first, Green experienced a bit of nervousness, but the presence of a pediatrician calmed her. Once the two came together, they were able to deliver the baby.

“There was a pediatrician onboard with me, so that was reassuring. I felt that it was what we had to do. ‘Who else was going to do it’ is what I kept thinking. The nervousness faded and I immediately went into nurse mode. We took care of it.”

Green was relieved after the healthy baby was quickly delivered.

“It happened so fast. I simply sent up a quick prayer that the baby would be healthy. I’m thankful that everything went as smoothly as it did.”

According to a Spirit Airline press release, the plane made an emergency stop at the New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport where medical crews met the plan upon arrival. The mother gave birth to a healthy, 7 pounds and 19.5 inches tall baby boy named Christoph Lezcano.

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