Kristina Brown officially takes seat as Miss Alcorn State University at Coronation

Students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered to witness the crowing of the campus queen.

Kristina Brown officially claimed the throne as Miss Alcorn State University 2017-2018 Thursday, Oct. 12 at the Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex. She is honored to hold such a prestigious title.

“It definitely feels surreal,” said Brown. “To know that my fellow Alcornites trusted me to be one of their leaders is truly an honor. I am so blessed to be in this position.”

The new position has added more responsibilities to Brown’s agenda. Fortunately for her, juggling multiple tasks is a skill that she has mastered during her time at Alcorn.

“So far, it has kept me really busy, but it’s nothing that I’m not accustomed to. I’ve always been involved in organizations and activities around campus, so adding more responsibilities to my schedule won’t hurt because I capable of handling it. I love being in a position to serve the student body and the university.”

Being Miss Alcorn has given Brown the ability to use her title to help others. Her initiative, Women Empowerment Wednesday, was started to bring young ladies together on campus with the purpose of showing unity and striving for success. Serving others makes Brown perfect to wear the crown.

“I enjoy being able to positively influence others around campus while creating events that involves uplifting others. Becoming Miss Alcorn has given me a platform to inspire others on campus.”

As Brown looks to the future, she plans to create more events for the student body and enforce and participate in more community service initiatives.

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