Larry Goodin helps bring computer literacy to students in Haiti

As a child growing up in Natchez, Mississippi, Larry Goodin often dreamed about traveling the world. In his spare time, he would flip through the pages of encyclopedias to learn about other countries and cultures to feed his fascination with globetrotting. Now that Goodin has ascended into adulthood, he’s using his love for traveling to exercise his other passion; helping others.

Goodin, along with six members of the New York based non-profit organization, Veronica’s Way, traveled to Port Au Prince, Haiti to provide Haitian schools with 29 computers. Veronica’s Way’s mission is to enhance and empower the lives of people in the global community by expressing acts of love through service in the areas of ending hunger, computer literacy and educational support.

Goodin serves as a short list board member for the organization. His roles include digital fundraising, grant research, global philanthropy and cultivation.

“Veronica’s Way traveled to Haiti with one goal in mind; to equip school children with tools to dramatically improve their computer literacy,” said Goodin, who earned a degree in advanced technology with a dual concentration in computer networking and computer integrated manufacturing from Alcorn in 2005. “I simply enjoy being of service to the team and making sure the world knows about Veronica’s Way’s mission.”

Prior to his trip, Goodin was interested in visiting Haiti. Back in 2013 while visiting The Dominican Republic, he was determined to catch a flight to the country, but due to civil unrest that was present in Haiti during the time, he had to postpone his trip. Three years later, his opportunity came when Crispin Booker, founder of Veronica’s Way, invited him to join their team. Goodin is grateful for the life-changing invitation.

“I have always had a burning desire to visit Haiti. Earlier this year, Crispin extended an invite to join his team on their mission to Haiti. Crispin and I share many unique commonalities; we are graduates of momentum education, members of Greek fraternities and we both have a huge heart for humanity. This is my first humanitarian trip in Haiti, and I’m convinced it will not be my last.”

Serving others was instilled in Goodin by his parents early in his life. While working as a neighborhood barber, which was his first job, he would give free haircuts once a month to those who were less fortunate. Giving back has always been one of Goodin’s main goals.

“As a black man from the south, I learned the importance of humility and giving back at an early age. My family made sure I understood to give freely from the heart and never expect anything in return. My values are centered on being of service to others and making this world a better place. Whenever my time is up on Earth, I want to be remembered as a humanitarian who left a footprint on the lives of millions around the world.”

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