Lambda Pi Eta National Honor Society at Alcorn inducts new members

The Department of Mass Communications at Alcorn State University held an induction ceremony of the Alpha Chi Alpa chapter of Lambda Pi Eta mass communications honor society induction Wednesday, April 4 in the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility. Six students are inducted into the honor society. These are the second set of inductees to be inducted into the Alpha Chi Alpha chapter.

The new inductees are A'Leaka Brown, Ma'Rhonda Ratcliffe, Simone Joiner, Taylor Moses, D'Vennio Warner and Christina Murry.

Senior mass communications major D'Vennio Warner stated, "I am grateful and honored to be selected as the first male to be inducted into the Alpha Chi Alpha Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta and to serve as president for the 2017-2018 school term. The purpose of this honor society is to promote outstanding scholastic achievement in the communications field. I am confident that my peers and I will hold this chapters name up to the fullest. It is within our goal to pass the torch along to the next class of Lambda Pi Eta members."

Instructors Larry Sanders, Dr. Toni Terett and Dr. Jerry Domotab gave the meaning of LPH Logos (Lambda) meaning logic, Pathos (Pi) relating to emotion, and Ethos (Eta) defined as character credibility and ethics. LPH was founded in 1985 at the University of Arkansas.

Special guest Dr. Cynthia Scuria and current department chair, Dr. Eric Dogigni, conducted the ceremony. Dr. Babu Patlolla, professor of biology and dean for the School of Arts and Sciences, was the keynote speaker. He inspired the audience and shared valuable tools for living your best life possible.

For more information on Alpha Chi Alpa chapter of Lambda Pi Eta mass communications honor society, please contact Eric Dogini, advisor, at [email protected] or Dr. Cynthia Scurria, chair for the Department of English, Languages and Mass Communications, at [email protected] or (601) 877-6401.

To be eligible for admission, a student must have completed 60 semester credit hours, 12 hours must be in communication studies, have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.0, have a minimum GPA of 3.25 in communication studies, be in good standing with the University and be committed to the field of communications.