Brittany Noble-Jones lands new gig with NBC in New York

Brittany Noble-Jones, Alcorn State University alumna and former news anchor at WJTV Channel 12, has made a new platform in New York City. 

Jones is the newest digital contributor for NBC Black, where she reports on news, sports, and entertainment stories. This is also an opportunity for her to push out black content, something she has strived to do over the course of her journalism career. 

Brittany explained her transition by stating, “It’s something I dreamed of, but never thought it could actually happen. Even though I’m giving up the beautiful sunshine to be in NYC, but its so many different people, cultures, languages, and it’s interesting to learn more about our country.”

Jones’ connection with NBC began at Alcorn State University. While attending Alcorn, she worked for the Department of Mass Communications’ newscast where she was motivated to become a member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). 

After being an active member for many years and attending NABJ conventions around the world, Brittney has been able to make several connections. This year when she attended the NABJ convention, she rekindled her relationship with an acquaintance who helped create a need to push black voices and content with a website called at NBC. Before Jones knew it, they were working together to put out content. 

Brittany has been granted the opportunity to work on the set of several movies such as: “The Widows” and “The Hate You Give.” While on an assignment in Canada, Brittany was able to write a story on “The Hate You Give,” a movie which reflects problems centered around police brutality and black on black crime. The movie features famous actors as well as the writer of the movie, who is also a native of Mississippi.

Brittany plans to have her own talk show with the premise being “Can We Have a Seat at the Table.” Brittany stated, “I have very close friends across the country that are great journalists, but can we have a seat at that table and tell our stories. I feel that our stories matter, and we want to be able to share the black viewpoint.”