Students, faculty, staff, and alumni convened to celebrate Alcorn State University’s 147 years of excellence.

The University’s storied history was acknowledged during the 2018 Founder’s Day Convocation Thursday, Sept. 27 at the Oakland Memorial Chapel. The Reverend Neddie Winters, president of the Alcorn State University National Alumni Association, delivered the keynote speech. He began his message by shedding light on the foundation that Alcorn provided for him and how it still provides for its current students.

“Alcorn has created many opportunities for me in my life,” said Winters. “We have a great foundation, and if we’re going to succeed against great odds, we must have great faith. If you don’t have faith to protect you from the challenges of life, those challenges will destroy you.”

For Winters, Founder’s Day was a time to reflect on how faith and perseverance have led to the success of the University, its students, and its alumni.

“This is a time to pause for a moment and be thankful for all of the prayers that have been answered and all of the promises that have been fulfilled on this campus. Look back on how God has allowed us to matriculate through a life of great odds. We can be assured that the creator will continue to move us forward.”

After appreciating the University’s past, Winters then encouraged the audience to look toward the future.

“Take a forward look of what can because of what has been, because God has been faithful. There’s an opportunity for you to do great things. You are standing on the shoulders of great champions that have come through Alcorn. Champions are born here on the campus of Alcorn State University.

Dr. Earline Strickland, a former chairperson for Alcorn’s Department of Human Sciences, encouraged students to remember their alma mater as they pursue goals in their education and future profession.

“Don’t forget Alcorn, which is the bridge that will carry you wherever you want to go in life,” said Strickland. “Regardless of your experiences, you can be very successful.  Follow your educational and professional goals to be the best that you can be.”

Dr. Josephine Posey, the former Alcorn history research associate, spoke about some of the University’s highlights throughout its existence.

“The pursuit of excellence has been Alcorn’s goal since its birth in 1871,” said Posey. “We have succeeded against great odds; we started with 179 to more than 4,000 diverse students. We from eight faculty members to more than 800 employees; we moved from no technology to advanced technology, and the progress goes on and on. Alcorn has received many national rankings and recognition in its history.”

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