Dr. Danita Potter promoted to full professor and tenured at Northwestern State University in Louisiana

An Alcorn State University alumna recently received a promotion in her educational career.

Dr. Danita Potter, who earned a master's degree in nursing from Alcorn in 2005 was promoted to full professor and tenured in the College of Nursing and School of Allied Health at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. 

Potter is excited about moving to a higher level in her career. She looks forward to all of the opportunities that will come with her transition.

"I feel humbled and truly honored to be a full professor at Northwestern State," said Potter, a Monroe, Louisiana native. "I look forward to maintaining a record of excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service to the university and community. I also look forward to collaborating with other educators and healthcare professionals with interest in mental health and using research."

The road to success has been an enjoyable one for Potter. 

"Nursing education has been good to me. I have enjoyed teaching the curriculum in both graduate and undergraduate nursing as an instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and now full professor."

As Potter continued to reflect on her journey, she thought about an important figure that played a role in leading her this far. Because of the tutelage of her mentor, she knows the value of proper guidance from an experienced professional.

"Ms. Bernadine Adams of Monroe was my mentor, and I am very honored to say that she has had a positive impact on my tenure and promotion. My first years of teaching were challenging. I believe that mentoring matters and great teaching starts with having an engaged and dedicated mentor."

The challenges Potter faced and overcame in Alcorn's School of Nursing were part of what prepared her for advancement. She's grateful for the knowledge she received as a graduate student in the School.

"Alcorn prepared me for my role as a nurse educator with the rigor that the program instilled in me. The faculty and nurse administrators were the strength of the program. Dr. Savina Schoenhofer (retired) was my lead teacher and major advisor in the nurse educator track, and these well-structured courses were challenging and prepared me for my commitment to teaching."