Moriah Batiest crowned the 92nd Miss Alcorn during Coronation

Alcorn State University's 92nd campus queen received her crown during the University's annual Homecoming event.

Moriah Batiest was officially named Miss Alcorn State University 2018-2019 during Homecoming Coronation Thursday, Oct. 4 at the Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex. Batiest's family and friends were present to celebrate her and her role as a student body leader.

"To be crowned as Miss Alcorn was such an incredible and overwhelming feeling," said Batiest. "It was something I wanted since I was a freshman and seeing my dreams become a reality is wonderful. My support system is amazing and having all of my family and friends there made it even more beautiful."

Being Miss Alcorn has been a great experience for Batiest. The position has taught her valuable lessons about leadership, multi-tasking, and taking care of herself. 

"My reign as Miss Alcorn has been one to remember already. Honestly, it has it challenges as any leadership role does, but in the end, it is all worth it. Balancing my class, personal life, and being Miss Alcorn can get tough but I believe I'm handling it well. I'm learning when to say no or take time for myself to study or relax. Also, having a planner makes it a lot easier and keeps me organized." 

One of Batiest's biggest motivators on her journey has been Robert Tatum Jr., current Student Government Association (SGA) president. Seeing how he handles the tasks of his position gives her the encouragement she needs to keep pushing forward.

"My motivation thus far has been my SGA President, Robert Tatum. We served as our junior class representatives last school year, so to have him by my side has been amazing. He's busier than I am and to see his drive and determination allows me to keep going."

Lending her support to fellow Alcornites and displaying her passion for the University are priorities for Batiest. Her goal is to remain consistent in her love for Alcorn for the rest of her life.

"I love Alcorn State University, and I want my student body to know I love and support them to the best of my abilities. I want to see this University continue to be great and reach higher heights. When I graduate, the work does not stop. Alcorn will continue to see me and receive my support in various outlets to ensure that we are the place to receive a quality education and remain a family."