Jimpson Lee Young III looks back on the lessons he learned at the University of Alabama School of Law

Jimpson Lee Young III, a junior political science major at Alcorn State University is still grateful for his summer experience as a law student.

Young attended the University of Alabama School of Law over the summer in Tuscaloosa as part of the PLUS Program. Young found this program while researching for opportunities related to law school that would challenge him to become more successful so that he can improve and excel in the law field. 

The Plus Program has allowed Young to know what is expected of him in years to come and while attending Alcorn State University to remain successful.

“My future goal is to grow from the program and prepare for law school while also using my experience to encourage and assist my fellow classmates to attend a similar program and prepare for law school.”

During the program, students were introduced to classes such as legal writing & analysis and criminal law. Participants were also able to prepare for the LSAT while learning more about the law school admission process. Along with important law skills, participants honed important skills such as dependability, dedication, accountability, organization, time management, networking, productivity, and confidence.

Young encourages other students to attend a program of interest to test and enhance their education and skills in that area

“As I reflect on my experience at Alabama School of Law, I think it is imperative for students inquiring to be apart of the legal profession to attend a program or have a similar experience in a similar setting at a law school to get a preview of what is required and expected of a law school student.” 

Young's future goals are to practice law as a contract lawyer, yet he is still open to other professions of law.