Office of Student Records allows students to verify enrollment

The Office of Student Records at Alcorn State University continues to cater to its students with its latest effort.

The Office recently launched Self Service Verification of Enrollment, which allows students access to free verifications of enrollment securely at any time online. The latest feature allows students to obtain digital, official/digital enrollment verification certificates to send to housing providers, scholarship grantors, or other organizations requiring proof of enrollment. Students also can take advantage of the new service by checking deferment forms and electronic notification statuses, viewing enrollment history, ordering official transcripts and the status of the request, and much more.

Kisha Bond, the assistant registrar who spearheaded the project said that the digital platform would serve as a more convenient way for students to get the information they seek.

“Our new service saves time, visits, faxes, and email request to the Office of Student Records,” said Bond. “With the new services, there is no need to email your identification or submit a request to the office. The enrollment dates can be retrieved at the student’s convenience.” 

Dr. Tracee Smith, interim registrar, and director of Student Records spoke on the Office’s goal to use innovation to improve the Alcorn experience for students.

“Our office strives to meet and exceed the demands of our students, and this new service shows our commitment to advance the office and the university,” said Smith.

Dr. John Igwebuike, interim provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs expressed his pride in the Office for being consistent at raising the bar.

“I applaud the Office of Student Records for their ongoing deployment of digital solutions, which serve our campus community, streamlines processes and spurs the digitization and automation revolution afoot at Alcorn,” said Igwebuike.

Click here to use the new digital platform.