J. D. Boyd Library hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Spreading information and testimonies on breast cancer and those who survived the disease was the focus of the J. D. Boyd Library's latest program.

The library held a Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Understanding Breast Cancer Risk program Wednesday, Oct. 24 in the Medgar Wiley Evers Auditorium. The program's purpose was to inform the public of the disease and how to combat it. 

Gloria Jean Jackson-Rankin, a 12-year breast cancer survivor and retired educator from the Jefferson County School District, was the guest speaker. During her testimony, Rankin shared her experience dealing with the disease. As she reflected on her journey, she expressed how thankful she was for being delivered and healed by a higher power.

"Early medical attention is important," said Rankin. "When I got my results, it said I had stage four breast cancer. The doctors didn't give me any hope, but I'm glad I know God."

Because of her faith, Rankin said that she was able to muster the strength to fight her battle.

"I wasn't going to allow myself to believe the report the doctors gave me. I was going to believe what my Father in heaven said, that I was going to live."

Rankin encouraged everyone to apply faith to their lives daily.

"Through it all, I'm very thankful. There were times on that journey when I had to come to terms with the possibility of dying. That made me realize that I should do my best to have my life in order. Life takes us on a journey, and you will not make it unless you have faith."