Dr. Lynn Etheridge, Dr. Felicia McGowan participate in enrichment conferences

Two faculty members from Alcorn State University’s School of Education and Psychology recently represented their department at two educational conferences.

Dr. Lynn Etheridge attended the American Counseling Association’s annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference gave her the opportunity to network with other professional counselors from all over the country. She also used the opportunity to discuss the possibility of allowing Alcorn students to take the National Counselors Exam.

Etheridge was honored to be a voice for students who aspire to be counselors.

“I appreciate being allowed to invest in our students’ future through attending sessions that broadened my knowledge base and explore how other counseling programs educate future counselors,” said Etheridge.

Dr. Felicia McGowan attended the Barksdale Reading Institute, which was a conference that was held in Jackson, Mississippi. The training was titled, “Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading & Spelling (LETRS).”

The purpose of the training session was to review the information needed to strengthen early literacy programs. Participants also collaborated and shared instructional strategies with other groups from around Mississippi.

McGowan feels the training provided her with more tools to better equip students.

“The training further enhanced my ability to prepare candidates within the School of Education and Psychology,” said McGowan.