Dr. LaShawn Thompson attends health insurance program in Hattiesburg

The importance of attaining health insurance was the focus of a recent conference that was attended by one of Alcorn State University’s professors.

Dr. LaShawn Thompson attended a health insurance program, “The intersection of Health and Wealth: The High Cost of Being Uninsured in Mississippi,” at the Lake Terrace Convention Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

The purpose of the event was to provide participants with a clear understanding of the issues concerning poverty, ethnicity, and insurance in Mississippi. The presentation emphasized the need for working professionals to assist the uninsured to become insured, which addresses medical and poverty concerns.

Thompson explained what she learned during the program.

“I learned why as a clinician I might while working with the public, be asked to assist in enrolling individuals in the healthcare system of Mississippi,” said Thompson. “The problem of the uninsured is not only an issue for those uninsured due to the high correlation with medical issues and poverty but also an issue for all citizens in the state. Uninsured individuals will endure a host of difficulties that might also influence other areas of their lives as well."