Dr. Patricia White retires from Alcorn after 25 years of equipping freshman for college life

The journey that Dr. Patricia White started at Alcorn State University over two decades ago is coming to an end later this month.

White, who served as the director of the First Year Experience Program will retire from the university after 25 years of service. Over her career, White has been instrumental in the development and matriculation of students throughout their first year of college.

Before White earned a promotion to her role as director, she spent 13 years as an academic advisor for the University College. She also served as an adjunct instructor for the School of Education and Psychology for over 10 years and spent time teaching university life for many years.

The highlight of White’s career was working with students. Being around them gave her a sense of joy, which is something that she will miss at the end of her tenure.

“I love working with people and helping students,” said White. “I have enjoyed helping new, and transfer students get acclimated to the university. My students hold a special place in my heart.”

Being at a place for so long gives a person a chance to form lifelong friendships, which is what White did while at Alcorn. She’s thankful for the relationships she has built with her colleagues.

“I will miss my First Year Experience Peer/Orientation leaders who gave so much of themselves. I can never thank them enough for their service. I will also miss the University College staff. When you work with staff members as long as I have, you establish a bond.”

Thanks to those strong bonds, White was able to grow professionally and become better at her craft.

“Alcorn has helped me to grow professionally in so many ways. I love my HBCU and have enjoyed working for the university. I’ve received many calls and thank you cards from others. I thank all of the departments that I have collaborated with over the years. It is nice to know that I have touched their lives in some way.”

The future beyond Alcorn is unknown at the moment, but White is looking forward to the opportunities that present themselves in her retirement.

“I am excited to start the next phase of my life. I look forward to enjoying the fruits of my labor and exploring what God has in store for me.”