Tra’Keyvion Hale completes Fortune 500 internship with Ally Financial

A junior from Alcorn State University wrapped up a virtual internship that focused on providing better educational resources for minority grade-school students.

Tra’Keyvion Hale, an English major from Magnolia, Mississippi, recently completed a 12-week virtual internship at Ally Financial, a Fortune 500 company. Hale received the internship offer during the 19th annual Leadership Institute, a yearly networking conference that is hosted by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in Washington, D.C. last October.

The company provided Hale with an ideal internship experience. He applauds Ally Financial for its inclusivity and fair treatment of its personnel.

“My experience was amazing,” said Hale. “The company’s inclusive culture is one that isn’t found everywhere, so for a Fortune 500 company to maintain a workplace where everyone is seen, heard, and valued is amazing. Ally makes sure they have an impact within the company as well as the surrounding communities. Ally is a company that serves, and that is to be appreciated in today’s society.”

Hale’s work focused on Ally’s corporate citizenship efforts, specifically their efforts for financial literacy and economic mobility for African Americans and other socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. He also spearheaded several financial education campaigns geared towards middle school-aged children, using a combination of accessible online gaming programs and teaching materials.

Watching his ideas have a positive impact on students was the highlight of Hale’s internship.

“My passion for education and equity propelled me in my work. Creating something that children would use to make a better future for themselves and their families was monumental. I enjoyed the impact that my work had on the lives of children who don’t have the resources to be successful in life.”

Besides learning more about being an educational leader, Hale also learned what path he wants to take in the future.

“I’ve wanted to pursue a doctorate in higher education as well as a Juris Doctor. I plan on bringing my knowledge and experiences to an HBCU. I want to be a changemaker in my community for generations to come, and the knowledge I gained at Ally will help me on my journey.”

Hale’s impressive showing inspired the company to offer him another summer internship opportunity next summer.

“It feels great to secure another opportunity with Ally for two reasons. The first is that it lets me know that they valued and appreciated my work, ideas, and what I brought to the company. The second is that it provides me with a chance to positively affect more lives, those who will view my work, and future Alcorn students who will come after me and want to do the same thing.”

Interacting with a variety of people on Alcorn’s campus prepared Hale for his opportunity. He credits the University for enhancing his communication skills.

“Being a student at Alcorn prepared me by exposing me to a wide variety of personality types, which equipped me with the confidence and ability to communicate with people. Alcorn’s student body is filled with so many different types of people with varying personalities, and that makes it easier to go in other settings and speak with anybody because of my experience at Alcorn.”