Alcorn employees honored for their service to the University during annual Employee Recognition Program

Employees at Alcorn State University were honored for their years of commitment to the University during the annual recognition ceremony.

The Office of Human Resources Management hosted its annual Employee Recognition Program via Zoom Wednesday, Nov. 11. Employees with tenures from five to 35 years were celebrated for their dedication to serving Alcorn.

Both of this year’s longest-serving employees have served the Office of Global Programs for over three decades. Dr. Dovi Alipoe, director and professor, has served 35 years, and Zandra Lowe, program assistant/office manager, has served for 30 years.

The two expressed appreciation for being celebrated by their peers for their years of service.

“I am appreciative of the administration and my colleagues for recognizing my time, work, and contributions to the University,” said Alipoe. “It is good to pause and reflect as you try to continue forward.”

“I feel special, proud, and honored because I can say that I work with a team of amazing professionals,” said Lowe.

Engaging with students and colleagues and continuing the excellence at the University have been highlights for Alipoe and Lowe.

“I have enjoyed the opportunities to teach, research, develop, and enhance various programs," said Alipoe. "The most rewarding aspect is working with young men and women who come to the University as freshmen. I get to see them grow intellectually, and later, they become your colleagues and are successful in their careers.”

“I’ve enjoyed and valued my relationships with people,” said Lowe. “I’ve worked hard to embrace diversity, especially in an ever-changing industry. I find that helping and mentoring and conversing with those around me gratifying.”

Laura Drake, an administrative assistant for the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion/Title IX, is thankful to still be a valuable part of Alcorn’s success after 15 years of service.

“It feels great to celebrate 15 years of working for this amazing University,” said Drake. “We are all an asset to Alcorn, and I thank God for allowing me to contribute to the betterment of this University.”

Tommie Green, office manager and photographer for the Division of Marketing and Communication, said that his five years with the University have been fulfilling. He looks forward to a bright future as an Alcorn employee.

“It is a rewarding experience to continue my professional journey at Alcorn State University,” said Green. “I look forward to giving my continued support, talent, and time to the University. I’m grateful for the lifelong employee relationships that I have gained here. Thank you, Alcorn, for allowing me to advance my career.”

Alcorn President Felecia M. Nave praised Alcorn’s employees for continuing to evolve as the University embrace change.

“Thank you for adapting to changes and growing along with Alcorn,” said Nave. “You took charge and found a sense of purpose in your work here at the University. Thank you for being brave enough to get the job done. You are resilient workers, and I appreciate you and all of your hard work.”