Kendrick Walker Jr. recounts his road to becoming Mister Alcorn

Months into his reign as the second Mister Alcorn State University, Cleveland, Mississippi native Kendrick Walker Jr. reflected on his campaign and his journey to being elected.

Walker has an extensive background in student body leadership. Along with serving the student body, Walker is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Friends of the Library, and Honor Student Organization. He is also the vice president of Alcorn’s NAACP chapter and vice president for the Delta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Whirlwinds of emotions went through Walker’s mind after hearing that he had been elected. When he heard the news of his victory, he was no less than ecstatic.

“The experience was surreal,” said Walker. “Campaign week took a lot of time and energy, so I was anxious and exhausted when the results were about to be announced. In addition, I was on the road to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with my fraternity brothers for our regional conference. So, I heard the results while we were on the road, and we all stopped at a gas station to celebrate as we were all ecstatic. My phone was full of messages and calls from family and friends. I remember feeling immensely grateful.” 

Walker’s platform provides a memorable college experience for his peers academically and professionally.

“My platform was A BRAVE W.O.R.L.D (Wielding Optimism to Revitalize Legacy and Distinction.) I want to lead Alcorn into a new day. What I accomplish now would ensure that student needs are met, they are getting the best professional opportunities, and most importantly, they are enjoying themselves. Lastly, I want to assist in building the next generation of leaders so that Alcorn remains in good hands.”

With such a solid platform, it is no question how Walker garnered votes from the student body. However, it was not always easy for him.

“When I got to Alcorn in Fall 2019, I ran for freshman class president. Unfortunately, I lost.”

Defeat increased Walker’s tenacity. The road to becoming Mister Alcorn wasn’t easy. Despite his loss, he never gave up.

“After that, I learned more about campus and my peers while growing as a person. I’ve always worked to ensure that I, the people around me, and Alcorn were represented in the best way possible.” 

A solid support system made a difference in Walker’s campaign. He could not have accomplished his role without the support of his friends and family.

“When it came time for me to campaign, my peers were enthused because they felt it was meant for me. Their support drove me further to earn the title.”

One of the most significant parts of being a part of the court is the legacy they must continue. Walker is confident that he will significantly contribute to the SGA legacy.

“I want to contribute my hard work, passion, and charisma. I want people to remember my reign as Mister Alcorn as inspirational. I relate to those around me, and I want them to know that someone just like them was able to accomplish something of this magnitude through hard work and dedication. I want to be remembered as someone that truly cared for his peers and their personal and professional needs, always making them feel welcomed and empowered. People often think of the glamorous side of this role with the suits and other materialistic things, and though they are important, that is something that I would love to be complimented on last. I lead with my heart and want that to be exemplified when my reign is spoken upon.”