Alcorn hosts Inauguration of its 65th SGA president and cabinet

The Student Government Association held its annual Inauguration Thursday, Sept.8th, in the Oakland Chapel.

Christopher Epps, a senior plant and soil science major, was elected SGA president by the student body. SGA cabinet leaders who also were inaugurated were Vanessa Washington (1st vice president), Ashlee Williams (2nd vice president), Charles Nnantah (business manager), Ronnie Davis Jr. (executive secretary), Jermerious Lofton (freshman class president), Kaleb Lyons (sophomore class president), Jordan Buck (junior class president), and Raylynn Thompson (senior class president).

Last year, Epps served as SGA’s second vice president, which encouraged him to pursue a higher position this year. He plans to use the knowledge gained from his former position to benefit his leadership and Alcorn further.

“I was second vice president of SGA last year, and I have gained many experiences, skills, and opportunities. Not only do I get to engage with my fellow Alcornites, but I also get to make changes on our campus that others may be unable to do,” said Epps. “Being in that position last year made me realize that I have a bigger purpose on campus: to lead the students in a larger capacity. So far, we have made progress this year.”

Epps made his mark before this new position. He was a member of Alcorn’s football team and is a current member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. He feels this Inauguration serves as a testament to his hard work.

“If you put your mind towards something, you can achieve your goals."

Epps focuses on being prominent and honorable by leading by example and teaching others to do so.

“Being a leader is not an easy job. But as a leader, I lean on those I value the most: God, my cabinet, and my family. When I am working, my cabinet is also working. The work does not always fall on the head. I believe the 65th administration is so successful this year because everybody is putting in 110% in making an inclusive experience for the student body.”

Epps aspires to use all he has learned while being a part of SGA to his advantage professionally.

“SGA benefits me professionally because I conduct business daily, whether it is connecting with an administrator, ensuring students’ needs are met, talking to students, or just connecting with alumni about campus life. All these things are helping me prepare for my professional career."

Epps plans to finish his undergraduate year and look back at an even more triumphant University. He has written out his main goals for his term and expects to make a memorable impact on Alcorn.

“I strive to support, develop, and encourage the student body by providing a wide range of resources and enhancing the platforms for innovative experiences and leadership development. I have three additional main goals as president. One, have more events (educational and fun) and increase student engagement. Two, bring back yearbooks. Three, create a strategic plan so the policies and works the 65th administration completed this year would be implemented and built upon 10 years from now.”