Alcorn Holds annual Health Fair

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, Alcorn State University held its annual Health Fair in the James L. Bolden Campus Union Ballroom. The event included wellness checks on cholesterol, body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar, and more.

This event involved many vendors, including Gilead Pharmaceutical, Mississippi State Department of Health and Oral Health, Claiborne County Medical Center, University of Mississippi Medical Center, and Open Arms Healthcare Center. Each vendor provided health care information, screenings, demonstrations, and prizes.

Christopher Lane from Gilead Pharmaceutical gave an insightful message on sexual health in our communities.

“Mississippi is high ranking regarding sexually transmitted diseases, so if you provide students with the knowledge and preventive measures, there is a better chance they will use them and protect themselves. It will take all of us having these informative conversations to protect ourselves and others,” said Lane.

Many students attended and took advantage of this opportunity. They conversed with each organization to get tips on maintaining and monitoring their well-being. Students were also given materials to observe and sustain their health later.

“Alcorn hosting this health event to ensure the campus's health and safety is magnificent. Health is not just physical but emotional and mental. Each aspect is important because if you keep your health in check, everything else will fall into place. Maintaining your health is vital,” said Joshua Ray, Alcorn’s current mister sophomore.

Alcorn’s goal is to keep its campus community healthy and fully functioning.

“A healthy campus begins with you as an individual. Alcorn takes informing students about health risks seriously. We hold events every month alongside the health fair to teach students about sicknesses that could impact them. Our goal is to help students know about it, teach them preventive measures, and give them solutions and aid to their illnesses,” said Dorothy Davis, director of Alcorn’s Health and Disability Services.