Alcornite authors recognized during Authors’ Celebration Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Accomplished writers who graduated from Alcorn State University were recognized during an event celebrating their published works.

The Alcorn Authors’ Celebration Ribbon Cutting was held Friday, Oct. 21, in the J. D. Boyd Library.

Dr. Donzell Lee, former interim Alcorn president and organizer of this initiative, acknowledged the wide range of content Alcornites have shared with the University and the world. His purpose for this initiative is to showcase the creativity and academic prowess of Alcornites.

“Our purpose is to honor our authors,” said Lee. “The works of the authors are impressive, and we must emphasize what we do academically and creatively at Alcorn. This group represents us as the home of scholars. Years from now, we’ll need more space to support our authors’ work.”

Alcorn President Dr. Felecia M. Nave praised Lee for his commitment to highlighting the work of Alcorn’s talented alumni.

“This is a day of forging ahead and celebrating all of the accomplishments that Alcornite authors have earned over the years,” said Nave. “Dr. Lee has done a phenomenal job and has exceeded our expectations. We cover a gamut of special publications and genres of authorship, and I thank you all for sharing your work with us. Our students must know what Alcornites are writing about. To have this space is something that is much needed.”

DeMarcus Jones, a junior mass communications major and author of “22 Blessings,” applauded Alcorn alumni and the Authors’ committee for inspiring young writers.

“This is very inspiring,” said Jones. “I thank all alumni for setting the standard and providing the way for students.”

Katina Rankin, an Emmy-nominated journalist and author who read an excerpt from her book “Medgar Evers: He Taught His Kids to Crawl So We Could Stand,” thanked Alcorn for its foundation and acknowledged how that foundation led her to future success.

“This rings true for me,” said Rankin. “I stand on the shoulders of giants. Had it not been for Alcorn, I would not be a 33-year journalist, 7-time children’s author, and just blessed the way I am today. Alcorn gave me a full scholarship, and I acknowledge them. I wanted Alcorn to be a part of my book because my alma mater holds so much value to me.”