Bria Fells talks about her journey as the University’s 96th Miss Alcorn

Becoming a student leader at Alcorn State University has been one of Bria Fells’ goals since enrolling at the University in 2019. So, she pursued her dream of becoming campus queen and successfully earned the crown.

“Once enrolled, I desired to represent this institution at a prestigious level,” said Fells, an agriculture business management major from Gulfport, Mississippi. “Wearing the title of Miss Alcorn State University has allowed me to exemplify poise and grace and take my family’s legacy to new heights.”

To lead her peers as the 96th Miss Alcorn State University is an experience that Fells cherishes. As she looks at her time as campus queen, the senior said the honor continues to exceed her expectations.

“My experience has been immeasurable beyond my expectations. Representing this University at a greater level by attending conferences with other colleges and universities, serving the student body, and working with the administration has been unforgettable. Being entrusted to listen to student concerns, implement new ideas for our campus, and create new opportunities for future students has by far been most rewarding.”

Serving the University and its surrounding communities has been one of many highlights along Fells’ journey.

“During my reign, I’ve led the way in serving children with a book and coat drive in the surrounding communities, which I hope will positively impact many. I will cherish the relationships built with Mister Alcorn and the Royal Court. I will be forever grateful for this memorable moment in history.”

Such an enormous task has brought some challenges for Fells. She talked about balancing being the face of the student body while also fulfilling her student obligations.

“Managing the duties of Miss Alcorn and the responsibility of a student has been challenging yet fulfilling. Maintaining a positive mindset has allowed me to overcome all obstacles since being elected.”

The biggest challenge for Fells has been the passing of her father and navigating her moment without him. She’s grateful to her supportive community for their motivation.

“Since being elected, I lost my father. I am still challenged with coping with his passing, but with the prayers and support of my family, friends, and fellow Alcornites, I have been able to present and represent this prestigious University with honor and grace. I encourage students that are struggling with life-changing situations to seek counseling.”

Trusting and believing in her faith has gotten Fells this far in her walk.

“I was taught to trust God and His word. Through this process, I learned that seeking Him first and believing leads to your desires becoming a reality. Being self-aware, confident, and having humility are a few attributes of wearing the crown that has allowed me to enhance in these areas.”

Fells hopes to inspire others to remain authentic and tenacious when pursuing goals.

“I hope my reign has inspired others to stay authentic to who they are, be determined to accomplish their dreams and live by faith.”