Alcorn holds closing ceremony for Entergy Scholars

The Entergy Scholars Program held its closing ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 1, in the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dining Facility Gold Room.

The ceremony began with an overview of the program, advanced to students’ reflections, and concluded with awards presentations. The scholars are Alyssa Greer, Breanna Lynch, Deabreaun Turner, DeArrius White, DeMarcus Jackson, Jarriah Hooker, Oshayla Self, and Vincent Bonds.

Scholars will take the coaching and proficient abilities they have gained and apply them to their life in the future.

“I am honored to be a part of the Entergy Scholars Program. It feels great to participate in something like this because I have gained more knowledge and received mentorship,” said Alyssa Greer, Entergy Scholars Program participant.

“It feels great to be an Entergy Scholar. It has helped me in ways you could not even imagine. I am blessed and glad I was able to be a part of it because it was worth it,” said DeArrius White, Entergy Scholars Program participant.

Entergy is an electric, natural gas, and nuclear company located throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Its Scholars Program teaches occupational expertise to students so they can achieve competitive positions within their careers.

“The Scholars Program is a career readiness pathway for students to achieve hands-on career readiness skills that will prepare them for the workforce with the skillset employers seek for entry- and top-level positions. The program helps students build their leadership in being competitive for diverse high-level positions,” said Rosalyn Howard, a program manager from Entergy.

The skills taught to the students prepare them for higher-level jobs within their field of interest. Students were also encouraged to apply for internships at Entergy to expand their knowledge.

“It teaches professional branding, communication, interviewing skills, resume building, networking, professional attire, and soft skills,” said Howard.

Dr. Jermiah Billa, chairperson of Alcorn’s Department of Advanced Technology, said the opportunity is ideal for students looking to begin their careers locally.

“This is one of the unique collaborations initiated with the intent of attracting younger citizens from local communities to work for local nuclear industries,” said Billa.