The Rev. Dr. C. Edward Rhodes II appointed chair of Mission Mississippi

Alcorn State University’s spiritual leader is adding the chairperson title to his list of roles in the new year.

The Rev. Dr. C. Edward Rhodes was selected as Mission Mississippi chairperson. Mission Mississippi leads the way in racial reconciliation in Mississippi. The organization’s model is to bring people together to build relationships across racial lines so they can work together to better their communities.

Rhodes previously served as vice chair before his current role. In addition, he serves Alcorn as director for Religious and Spiritual Life and the Hiram Rhodes Revels Institute for Ethical Leadership. He also serves as interim director for the University’s Honors Curriculum Program.

Rhodes is excited to join a team that has served Mississippi for three decades.

“I am honored to serve as chair of Mission Mississippi’s board of directors as the organization celebrates 30 years of statewide reconciliation ministry,” said Rhodes.

Accepting the role is significant for Rhodes, as he bridges the generational gap as the youngest member of the organization’s board. The opportunity also brings him back to the place that offered him his first job after graduate school.

“I am a millennial and the youngest person on the board. This signals a generational shift in the life of Mission Mississippi. My first job after earning a Master of Divinity from Duke University’s Divinity School was at Mission Mississippi in 2009. This is a full-circle moment for me.”

Some of Rhodes’s goals include overcoming challenges caused by the pandemic and attracting and recruiting younger individuals to join the organization.

“As the organization looks towards life and leadership in 2023 and beyond, I hope to help our organization dare to confront the challenges all nonprofits and ministries face after the pandemic. We must also intensify our work to reach my generation and Gen Z.”

Another priority for Rhodes is learning how the organization plans to be at the forefront of mitigating racial issues in the state.

“As director of Alcorn’s Hiram Rhodes Revels Institute for Ethical Leadership, I’m intrigued by how Mission Mississippi could provide ethical leadership to the enduring racial issues that challenge our beloved state’s potential.”

Rhodes hopes to bring generations together to serve God and the community.

“Beyond meeting, greeting, and eating, we have an awesome opportunity to provide intergenerational servant leadership for the glory of God.”