Pictured from left, are Tori Robinson, manager of design engineering at Entergy Grand Gulf; Rosalyn Howard, program manager for Diversity and Workforce Development; Zehlin Cornett, April Jones, Christian Fells, Rodriana Watson, Latreveon Gibson, Narkeshia Green, Cedric Lacey, Dr. Jermiah Billa, assistant professor; and Denease Moore, administrative assistant

Entergy recently celebrated its Alcorn scholars at a closing ceremony.

Its Scholars Program is designed to share specialized occupational expertise to students, empowering them to secure competitive positions and excel throughout their professional journeys. This is the program’s 2nd year on the Lorman campus.

Rosalyn Howard, program manager for Diversity and Workforce Development at Entergy

“The Scholars Program is a career readiness pathway for students to achieve hands-on career readiness skills that will prepare them for the workforce with the skillset employers seek for entry- and top-level positions,” said Rosalyn Howard, a program manager for Diversity and Workforce Development at Entergy. “The program helps students build their leadership skills in being competitive for diverse high-level positions.”

Students participating in this year’s program include Zehlin Cornett, a senior applied sciences and geospatial engineering major from Natchez, Miss.; Christian Fells, a sophomore geospatial engineering and applied sciences major from Port Gibson, Miss.; Latreveon Gibson, a junior robotics and automation major from Vicksburg, Miss.; Narkeshia Green, a senior computer networking, information and technology from Horn Lake, Miss.; April Jones, a junior computer networking and information technology major from Columbus, Miss.; Cedric Lacey, a junior health physics and radiation technology from Fayette, Miss.; Rodriana Watson, a senior applied sciences and health, physics, radiation technology major from Port Gibson, Miss.; and Ricky Downer.

Alcorn alumna Tori Robinson was happy to give back as a mentor in the program.

“I am so glad that I was able to participate as a mentor,” said Robinson, manager of design engineering at Grand Gulf and mentor. “I was happy to participate at Alcorn. I want students to have the opportunities I was afforded. I’ve been with Entergy for 15 years, and it is a great company. Students, I want you to use every step in your life to prepare you for your career.”

Rodriana Watson reflects on her time in the program.

“I want to thank Ms. Howard for her guidance,” said Watson. “I learned the importance of showing up and effective communication. The program was challenging, but anything worthwhile may be difficult. I am grateful to my instructors. I sincerely thank my mentor, Tori Robinson, and I value her assistance.