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Alcorn State University has something for every one. Graduate Studies offer an array of academic degrees at the advanced level to give students enriching academic experiences. Our academic programs are rigorous in order to help the career-minded student prepare for the challenges of the global market. Academic advisors are accessible in each department to provide the support students need as they progress through their program of study. In addition, a number of support services are available at Alcorn to help students reach their academic potential in an advanced program.

We are proud of our curriculum offerings and know that what we offer is the best fit for you.

Curriculum Alerts

Courses at Other Institutions

Students in attendance in graduate school at Alcorn State University who wish to take courses at another accredited institution may do so providing they have obtained permission from the academic advisor, the chair of the appropriate department, or the school dean. A limit of six credit hours is eligible for transfer within time-to-degree completion rules. Students must earn a B or higher in the course. An official transcript from the sponsoring institution must be submitted. The remaining credit hours in a degree program must be earned at Alcorn.

Evaluating and Awarding Academic Credit

Course credits earned outside the university follow a prescribed process for reviewing before academic credit is awarded. Up to six (6) semester hours of graduate courses taken at other institutions are eligible for transfer to ASU with the approval of the academic advisor to Alcorn State University. The grades must be A or B to be considered for transfer. A credit hour represents approximately three hours of work per week. Application for transfer is made by the student by completing the “Transfer of Course” form, and is approved by the advisor and chair of the department. This request is submitted for approval to the Graduate School Administrator. Upon approval they are credited to the student’s official transcript. The advisor and graduate studies administrator ensure academic quality of course credits are consistent with the university’s procedures in awarding academic credits by evaluating the course description(s).The course content must be deemed equivalent in content and rigor to the ASU course replaced in the degree plan.

Appeal Process

The academic appeal process for graduate students is designed to be a fair process in making determinations about the academic status of students and their continuation in graduate school at Alcorn State University.

There are two levels in the hierarchy for submitting an appeal.

Level 1: Graduate Studies

    Under the provisions of student success for graduate students, fair treatment is given to students with academic complaints and issues. These matters are addressed through procedures for each type of issue, which is due process. Due Process is an option to give students an opportunity to resolve academic standing and degree completion issues for their continuation in graduate school at Alcorn State University. Students may appeal in writing for just cause of unmet academic standards that impede continuance of enrollment. Students may request readmission back into graduate school or more time to complete their degree as reasons for petitioning the graduate school. Other circumstances can be requested for consideration such as a course grade dispute that has caused the student to be terminated, a change in grade that caused the student’s GPA to drop below a 3.0, and coursework that exceeds the six-year time limit for degree completion. In these deliberations, the academic status of a student is reviewed and the data collection, review, and appeal decision can take up to 30 days.
    Students who these conditions are applicable, must follow the appeals process to be considered for readmission or a time extension to complete their degree requirements.
    Appeal Process: The first level of submission is Level 1 – Graduate Studies.
    Complete an appeals application for the program the student is seeking readmission.
    2.The student must submit the appeal within 10 business days after the determination of academic standing notification from the Office of Graduate Studies.
    3. Appeals for expiration of the six-year time limit should be submitted based on extenuating circumstances which affected the student’s progress.
    4. Application must be completed in its entirety and supporting documentation must accompany the application to support the request.
    5. Email the appeals form and documentation to graduatestudies@alcorn.edu and include Graduate Academic Appeals and your name in the subject line.
    6. A data file will be created to include the appeal form, supporting documentation, student graduate transcript, academic standing profile, and recommendation from the department if the request is for expiration of the six-year time limit. The Graduate Studies Administrator will review and contact the student if additional information is needed, or if there are questions.
    7. The appeal information is shared with the department chair or graduate rep(s) for input and accuracy. This process can take from two weeks to 30 days.

    8. Following collaboration, the Graduate Studies Administrator will communicate the decision to the student, advisor, and academic unit chair via email within four days.
    9. A detailed electronic communication is forwarded to the student to inform him/her of the decision and the next step(s).

Questions regarding the decision should be directed to the Graduate Studies Administrator in the Office of Graduate Studies.

    Graduate Studies Appeal Form

      Level 2: Academic Affairs

      This is the last step in the due process proceedings to decide the merits of the request.

      1. The student has the option of submitting an appeal to the Office for Academic Affairs if he/she did not receive a favorable decision from the Office of Graduate Studies.
      2. The student must provide a formal written request to Academic Affairs within one week from the date of the decision letter or after receiving the decision from the Office of Graduate Studies.
      3. The student must submit all pertinent documentation from the Office of Graduate Studies including a copy of the appeal decision as well as other relevant information, i.e. transcripts, proof of exigence, approved grade-change forms, etc. as applicable.
      4. The student must craft a detailed formal letter stating justification for requesting reversal of the Graduate Studies appeal decision.
      5. An appeal to the Office for Academic Affairs is no guarantee that the appeal decision at the Office of Graduate Studies will be reversed.
      6. A decision will be rendered based upon the information contained in the appeal.

        Academic Affairs Appeal Form