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Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program offers two options leading to the BSN degree: the Generic Program Option, which can be completed in five (5) semesters and the RN to BSN. The RN to BSN Program Option can be completed in three (3) semesters. Only applicants who hold a current unencumbered RN license and meet admission criteria are eligible to submit an application for this program option.

Purposes and Program Student Learning Outcomes

The BSN program seeks to prepare nurses to meet the health needs of the community and clients across the lifespan through the use of evidence-based practice and applications of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to deliver safe, competent, and high quality client-centered care in complex healthcare environments. The graduate of the BSN Program possesses the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to:

  1. Synthesize knowledge from relevant theories, concepts, and principles from nursing, social, behavioral, and natural sciences as a basis for making professional nursing judgments.
  2. Integrate major concepts and theories delineated in the theoretical framework into the practice of nursing.
  3. Use the nursing process to assist persons, families, and communities to achieve their maximum health potential.
  4. Use opportunities to promote and maintain health potential and safety for individuals in a variety of primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings.
  5. Assume leadership roles in coordinating nursing strategies that enhance the quality of nursing practices.
  6. Collaborate with nurses, other health professionals, clients, families, and community groups in providing health care services.
  7. Assume responsibility and accountability for the evaluation of nursing practice outcomes.
  8. Use relevant research findings to improve nursing practice and health care delivery.
  9. Engage in nursing practice that incorporates values, ethics, morals, and legal aspects of the profession.
  10. Contribute to the continuing development of nursing knowledge and nursing roles through education, practice, research, and technology.