What advice do you have for graduating seniors?

Andre Young.png

Andre Young, Class of 1976
When interviewing always be punctual, professional and presentable. Always represent your mother (Alcorn) in a way that would make her proud!

Valerie Thompson.png

Valerie Thompson, Class of 1985

I would advise prospective graduates to not return home and do nothing. If you have not obtained a job relative to your academic discipline, continue on your quest to acquire advanced learning by enrolling in graduate or professional school because education is a continuous process. If this is not an option, perhaps an internship would suffice. Do not turn down an opportunity to work as an intern just because there is no monetary value attached to it. The important element that distinguishes an internship from a short-term job is the “intentional learning agenda” and the immeasurable experience that comes with it.

Shundera Harmon.png

Shundera Harmon, Class of 1993, 2005, 2008
Do not be afraid to embrace new challenges. Step out of your comfort zones and learn to network for new opportunities. Try not to drift from the goals that you have set forth. The quality education that you have received will pave the way for your success.

Dwantra Anderson.png

Dwantra Anderson, Class of 2000

Reach for the stars and remember to keep the faith. Don’t settle just yet – explore your options and continue on to graduate or professional school.


Eugenia Merculova Lubrano, Class of 2001

In the next few years you will have to make many important decisions personally and professionally. Those decisions will influence your life forever. Think it through, weigh all options and follow your gut on each one.