Tenured employees honored by Human Resources

Tracy Cook started his speech with sound advice for the employees of Alcorn State University.

“Regardless of how many years you have worked here, continue to put forth a good effort on the job. You should want people to remember you as a person who always worked hard to get the job done,” said Cook, who is Superintendent of Education for the Jefferson County School District.

Being a consistent employee was one of the topics discussed by Cook during his speech at the third annual recognition program on Wednesday in the Dr. Clinton Bristow Jr. Dinning Facility. The program celebrated Alcorn State University faculty and staff who have dedicated their service to the University over the years. The Division of Finance and Administration and the Department of Human Resources were responsible for the ceremony.

Cook stressed how important it is for the employees to appreciate having their jobs due to many people being unemployed in Mississippi.

“Even though we’re living in a part of the state with an unemployment rate of 8.6, it is truly a blessing to know that you have income coming into your households. In this day, it’s almost unheard for someone to work 30 years or more at the same place.”

Cook applauded the workers for having strong qualities that has allowed them to continue their fine work throughout the years.

“You all have lasted this long because you all took on responsibility of setting expectations and being the first people at work and the last person to leave. Your work shows that you all have read the school policies for your jobs and understood them.”

Even though working is important, Cook told the employees not to forget to take valuable time to enjoy their lives.

“Do something for yourself. No matter how your job is, take time to have fun and enjoy life. When you have extra money saved, use some of it to splurge on the things you love.”

Director of Human Resources Carla Williams tipped her hat to the employees for their exceptional work ethic.

“I believe that all of you who have been working here over the years have done an excellent job and we really appreciate your hard work,” said Williams.

Hazel Bell, who has worked in the J.D. Boyd Library for 35 years, is the longest tenured employee to grace the campus of Alcorn State University. She appreciates the opportunities she’s had here and is thankful to be an Alcorn employee.

“I can truly say it’s been a blessing to be a part of the Alcorn family for so long. Being here has allowed me to meet new friends, learn new things and encourage students to take advantage of their education. It’s an honor to represent a school where knowledge and character matters,” said Bell.

Malvin Williams Jr, a 15 year employee who also works in the J.D. Boyd Library as the computer lab proctor and website designer, spoke about the family atmosphere that’s spread around campus.

“I can tell you that Alcorn is a special University. You can get more than an education and a job here. You can become a part of the family,” said Williams.

Vice President for Fiscal Affairs Carolyn DuPre’ was recognized in the five year group. She spoke highly about her position.

“Being recognized by your employer is always rewarding. As many have said before me, my intention was to work here for a short time, but once you get here, it’s hard to leave. I look forward to continued challenges and rewards as an employee here,” said DuPre’

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