Darrius Combest and Nikita Evans reflect on their first Alcorn homecoming as band, cheerleading squad members

Throughout their high school years, Alcorn State University’s talented Sounds of Dyn-O-Mite band and cheerleaders amazed Ellisville, Mississippi natives Darrius Combest and Nikita Evans. The band and cheerleading squad made such good impressions on the two that it made them want to join once they started college.

“I attended homecoming and several games during my senior year in high school and noticed how great the band sounded,” said Combest.

“Attending homecoming last year and watching those girls cheer and do their moves really inspired me to tryout once I became a student here,” said Evans.

During this season, the two have had made great memories and had loads of fun performing for the crowd on Saturdays. The both described their first homecoming as Alcorn students as both exciting and nerve wrecking.

“Performing in front of so many people and former band members who paved the way for me made me nervous at first. But in the end, it turned out to be an astounding experience,” said Combest.

“I was filled with excitement and jitters. I was excited to cheer and be a part of the activities, but I had jitters because I never cheered in front of that many people before,” said Evans.

All in all, the two had amazing Homecoming experiences. They both shared their special reasons why performing during Homecoming meant so much to them.

“Performing in the band is one of the ways I show how proud I am to be an Alcornite. I was also very happy to perform in front of my mother and grandmother. My goal is to always do things that will make them proud of me,” said Combest.

“Being able to cheer in front of all of those fans was the best part for me. I was once in the stands, but now I’m able to interact and cheer on the football team on the college level,” said Evans.

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