Brown-Forman Spirits promote Donovan Booth to state manager

Donovan Booth continues to climb the ranks in his career.

The 2010 Alcorn State University graduate was promoted to state manager for Brown-Forman Spirits’ Minneapolis, Minnesota branch in July. Brown-Forman Spirits is one of the largest American owned spirits and wine companies and among the top 10 largest global spirits companies to sell its brands in countries around the world.

Booth’s promotion makes him a trailblazer for other African-Americans who aspire to become one of the company’s state managers in the future. He’s grateful for the company’s willingness to add more diversity to its roster.

“This industry is consistently moving toward being more diverse,” said Booth. “It’s another example of us getting things going in the right direction.”

The dedication that Booth put into being a market manager for the company’s Washington D. C. branch was undeniable, which is why he was chosen for his latest role.

“It’s really rewarding. In my last role in Washington D. C., I did some good work and built a reputation that would allow them to trust me in this role. It is an honor and a blessing to be promoted to this role.”

Generating sales, building a stern foundation for the company’s future and grooming others for higher positions are Booth’s main goals as Minneapolis’ state manager.

“My overall goal is to make strides toward achieving positive results. Our top priority is to promote and sell our brands. I want to make sure that we make our sales goals, build a solid foundation to make sure that we have continued success and to develop my team in hopes of them stepping into higher positions.”

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