IHL Board of Trustees Policies & Bylaws (801.15 B)


B. Dependent Tuition Waivers - The Dependent Tuition Waiver employee benefit for the state institutions applies to all dependent children (as defined in Internal Revenue Code §152(c)(3)) of full-time faculty and staff of the universities and full-time employees of the Executive Office. In order to receive an undergraduate tuition waiver for 50 percent (50%) of the total tuition, the dependent must gain admission to the university where the parent or legal guardian is employed, or in the case of dependent children of the IHL Executive Office, at any of the eight state universities, and make a formal written request to the Office of Financial Aid of the respective institution. In cases where in both parents or legal guardians are eligible employees, a tuition waiver of one hundred percent (100%) shall be provided to the dependent children. Dependent children of continuing employees hired prior to July 1, 1977, are eligible for full waiver of undergraduate tuition at the appropriate institutions because of the grandfather clause included in the April 28, 1977, minutes of the Board.

IHL Board of Trustees Policies & Bylaws 139

  1. Continued Eligibility - A single, dependent child may receive an undergraduate tuition benefit (consistent with the continued employment of the parent or guardian) which may be continued until the degree requirements for one baccalaureate degree are met or until age 25, whichever comes first.
  2. Dependent tuition shall be accounted for and reported at the face value of the tuition being waived in the appropriate functional category.

(BT Minutes, 8/2005; 11/2005; 3/2008)