General Tips to Consider:

  • You should send a thank-you letter whenever someone helps you with your job search. You should send a thank-you for a job interview, an internship, an informational interview, and any other situation where you received career assistance. If someone did something nice or helpful at work, send them a thank-you email message or note.
  • You want to send your letter as soon as possible. This is especially important for an interview thank-you letter; you want to remind the interviewer that you are a strong candidate before he or she makes a decision. For this reason, you might choose to send a thank-you email instead of a note or typed letter. You can also send an email and then follow up with a note.
  • Keep the letter short – no longer than a page. You want to say thank you sincerely but briefly.
  • If this is a thank-you letter for an interview, use the letter as a chance to remind the employer why you are an ideal candidate. Remind them of something you discussed in the interview, or provide some new information that you forgot to mention. This is your last chance to make a strong impression.
  • Use a professional letter format. Use a normal font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Verdana in no larger than a 12 point size and no smaller than 10 point size. Use one-inch margins and no more than double-spaced lines. Avoid anything besides black text – emojis, fluorescent colors, highlighting, all caps, etc., are usually considered tacky. Handwritten letters should be legible, in black ink. Make sure you’ve edited out all spelling and grammar errors. You don’t want to leave a poor final impression due to careless mistakes.

General Thank-You Note Template

  • Contact Information: If you are sending a printed letter or note, list your contact information above the salutation. If you are sending an email thank-you message, list your contact information below your signature.
  • Salutation: Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
  • First Paragraph: Your first sentence should state that you are reaching out to thank the recipient for what they have provided you. In this first paragraph, you might include another sentence reiterating your thanks: for example, you can acknowledge that you know they are a busy person, and you are especially grateful that they took the time to help you. While your tone should come across as expressive and warm, avoid going overboard with effusive praises and never-ending thank you’s. Ultimately, you want to be sure your communication is genuine.
  • Second Paragraph: In your second paragraph, you can explain why you are so grateful and how, specifically, their support has impacted you, or how you anticipate it impacting you in the future. It is important to be specific so that the reader knows this is a personal letter, rather than a generic one you’ve sent to multiple contacts.
  • Third (optional) Paragraph: Use your optional third paragraph as a way to maintain your relationship with this person going forward. If you feel like you have something to offer them in return, you could mention it in this paragraph. Alternately, you could suggest that you’d love to treat them to a coffee or simply that you would like to stay in touch. Ultimately, you should tailor what you say based on your relationship with the person, but the goal of this paragraph is to keep the door open to future communication.
Finally, in your closing paragraph, reiterate your gratitude with a simple, short final sentence.
Sincerely,Your Name In CursvieYour Typed Name

Examples Posted Below:

Dear Mrs. Pittman,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday to chat about the underwater basket weaver manager position at Alcorn State University. It was a pleasure connecting with you and hearing how energized you are about the company’s content marketing and growth goals. Because of my background in influencer marketing, I was particularly interested in your innovative ideas for influencer outreach—they sparked some ideas of my own and left me with the sense that we’d make an excellent collaborative team.

You mentioned that you’ll be taking some time to make a hiring decision, so I’ll do my best to wait patiently despite how excited I am to be considered. Meanwhile, let me know if there’s any further info I can provide. Thanks again for choosing me.

All the best,

Demyia Graham

Dear Mrs. Pittman:

I want to thank you for interviewing me yesterday for the position of thank-you letter writer. I was very impressed with the description you provided of your organization, and I am excited about the prospect of working for you.

My qualifications are well-matched with the position we discussed, and I have a real interest in this area of work. My experience specifically with thank-you letter writing and the good interpersonal skills I possess are among my strongest attributes. They would certainly enable me to make a valuable contribution to the Appreciation Manifestation Company.

Again, thank you for the interview and your consideration. I am eager to have an opportunity of working on your staff. I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to call me at 000-000-0000 if you have any further questions.


Demyia Graham

The following website page was adapted from Grammarly’s Thank You Letter Page, Michigan State University’s Sample
Thank You Web-page, the Balance Careers’ Thank You Letter Website Page, and Resume Genius’s Thank You Letter Sample Page.