The following acts shall be considered hazing at Alcorn State University:

Any activity which endangers or has the potential to endanger the physical health of participants, such as paddling, whipping, kicking, striking, beating, pushing, shoving, tackling, branding, and ordering calisthenics.

Any activity which endangers or has the potential to endanger the mental health and/or academic performance of participants, such as not allowing adequate time for or interfering with academic commitments; activities conducted between the hours of midnight and 8a.m.; and forced exclusion from social and/or verbal contact with any other individual.

Any activity which is or has the potential to be physically or mentally harmful, painful, or injurious, such as the forced or required consumption of alcohol, food, or drugs; excessive exposure to the elements; quests, scavenger hunts, kidnappings, or strandings; physical or psychological shock; and activities causing physical or mental fatigue.

Any activity which has the potential to be frightening, morally compromising, degrading, unduly embarrassing, deceptive, or promoting servitude, such as throwing items at or on the participant; carrying of items or wearing of apparel which is undignified; public stunts, verbal harassment, and berating; requiring the participant to yell when entering or departing a physical structure or in the presence of designated individuals; the designation of “pledge entrances” or “exits”; running personal errands or servitude; intentionally creating labor or clean-upwork; scant clothing requirements or nudity at any time; and deception designed to convince the participant of impending pain, injury, or non-initiation.

Any activity which is in violation of any federal, state, or local law or rule or university policy, such as the illegal use of alcohol or any controlled substance in any form or quantity as part of any pledge- related activity and violation of the ASU Student Code of Conduct student behavior regulations, including unauthorized entry, raids, 111 possession/ theft/destruction/damage of property, improper obstruction/disruption of university activities, abuse/harassment, and disorderly/obscene conduct.