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Facilities Management

Facilities Management strives to provide outstanding support for the students, faculty, staff and visitors of Alcorn State University. As a service organization, we are responsible for the planning, construction, renovation, maintenance, and repair of University buildings and facilities. We also provide utilities, grounds care, custodial, trash collection, recycling, and other services. We strive to meet all of your facilities management needs, and to be the very best and most effective provider of those services.

This website provides links to information on the many services offered by Facilities Management. Please let us know how we can help make your job easier and your work environment better.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services Management supports the mission and work of Facilities Management by offering top quality human resources management, training, communication, work order control and information services to employees and customers.

Construction & Planning

Facilities Planning and Construction Management’s mission is to provide architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, design administration, and construction administration support to the University community. This includes the management of programming, planning, design, and construction of all University facilities.

Landscape Management

Landscape provides turf, shrub, tree and plant management services for the University. This division also provides moving services for construction projects, office moves, disposal actions and department relocations at the expense of the requesting department.


The Operations & Maintenance Department manages facilities maintenance and housekeeping for the University.

Custodial Services

Operations Management provides housekeeping services and contract housekeeping services administration for University facilities, either with full-time employees or through contractual services.

Maintenance Services

Facilities Maintenance provides a comprehensive approach to the operation and maintenance services for the University. Management of specialized techniques and collaborative practices is a fundamental component to sustain a multi-faceted complex and all of its integrated mechanical systems. This requires a diverse work force of skilled and professional personnel who maintain the plumbing, electrical, roofing, carpentry, elevator, HVAC, locks, architectural, and structural components of the University's buildings.


Transportation Management schedules transportation requests and provides the necessary man power to ensure the safety of the customer. This department ensures proper vehicle maintenance and inspections are performed on all University vehicles.

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Utilities Management

University Stores/Receiving Management supports the mission of ASU by purchasing quality goods and services at competitive prices, exercising proper financial stewardship for payments, and providing responsive service to all University departments. This department further oversees the University’s Property and is responsible for the shipping and receiving of goods to the campus community.

Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly fuels in use today delivering natural gas for heating, water heating and cooking as well as other natural gas appliances. Natural gas for Alcorn State University is delivered through a jurisdictional natural gas pipeline system. Like any form of energy, though, it must be handled responsibly. Alcorn State University if the master meter operator and has valves, regulators and pressure stations on campus. Always remember safety first when operating natural gas appliances of any kind.

Natural gas is a nontoxic, colorless and odorless fuel that is lighter than air. The lighter-than-air quality is an important safety factor. If a leak occurs, natural gas will mix readily with air and rise into the atmosphere. As a safety measure the natural gas that is piped to your home or business has a harmless odor similar to rotten eggs so that you can easily detect the smallest amount of gas that might escape.

From design and construction to operations and maintenance, natural gas utilities like ours set high standards to keep natural gas pipelines incident-free.

Damage Prevention

Although safe, tested, and regulated, the system’s most common hazard is from 3rd party damage from excavation. Before any excavations are done, contact Dig Safety-Mississippi One-Call System, Inc. 1-800-227-6477 or 811 and call Alcorn State University, Jeff Posey, 601-877-6470. Always call before you dig. It’s as easy as dialing 8-1-1, and it’s the law!

Detecting A Natural Gas Leak

Natural gas is one of the safest, most reliable and environmentally friendly fuels in use today, but leaks can occur. There are three key was to recognize a natural gas leak.

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