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The Department of Parking Services is charged with providing the governing parking on the campus, with priorities of accountability, customer service, and safety for our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. We are here to facilitate mobility around the campus in the most efficient, courteous and professional manner possible. The department continues to evaluate and suggest changes to parking operations, signage, and assist with issues regarding parking improvements and to and around campus. Comments as to how we can improve operations are welcome at any time.

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about Parking Services at Alcorn State University. The purpose of sharing this with you is to educate the campus community on parking matters and motivate everyone to respect parking regulations that will improve the mobility of the overall campus.

Additional information and FAQs will be provided on a continuous basis to help keep the university and community apprised of parking improvements.


Q: How do I register my vehicle?

Visit www.alcorn.edu/parking .Parking prices and policies are outlined on the website.The permits may be purchased at the cashier’s office, WWACB 2nd Floor.

Q: Why should I buy a campus parking permit?

A valid parking permit is the most cost efficient way to manage long term parking on campus.Our goals are to enforce parking regulations with priorities aimed at accountability, customer service, and the utmos concern for the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

Q: What are the funds for parking permits used for?

Parking is what is referred to as an auxiliary. This means the operation is not dependent on State funds that come through tuition and must function as a self-sustaining operation on the campus. Funds that are collected through permits and citations are used to purchase and maintain parking software, hardware and other parking-related equipment, and general support for parking staffs. In addition, funds get directed to upkeep of the lots, inclusive of paving, striping, signage and all other associated matter related to keeping operations running sufficiently.

Q: Do my student fees pay for a campus shuttle?

No. Student fees are collected and used for provision of any campus transportation. Rather the funds that run the shuttle and pay for its driver and fuel are funded through the University’s operating budget.

Q: If I am parked in a lot on the campus without a permit, why am I getting a ticket?

All cars must have valid parking permits to park on campus, even in lots. Tickets can be appealed if there is contention about the citation. The appeals process is posted at www.alcorn.edu/parking. The form the request an appeal is also available at the cashier’s window.

Q: If I have two vehicles, am I required to register each vehicle?

Yes. If both vehicles will be operating on campus, each vehicle must be identified with its own parking permit. A reduced cost is available for two vehicles with the same owner. The pricing for all decals can be found at www.alcorn.edu/parking .

Q: Where do residential students park?

Residential students should leave their cars parked at their respective residential areas until after 4:00 p.m. daily. Parking on the campus in areas that are deemed no parking during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. may result in the issuance of a traffic citation.

Q: If I’m a commuter student and my classes start after 5:00 p.m., why do I have to buy a parking permit?

All vehicles should be registered for identification and emergency purposes. After 5:00 p.m., all lots are available to faculty, staff, students, and commuters.

Q: I am often unable to locate a valid parking space. Can I appeal my ticket?

No. Lack of parking availability is not a valid reason to park illegally.The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.When parking on campus, familiarize yourself with parking options and always have a backup plan.

Q: If I use my hazard lights to park illegally on campus, will I receive a parking ticket?

Some people assume that by using their hazard lights, they are parked legally. Not only are you parked illegally, it also draws attention to the parking enforcement that you are in fact illegally parked.

Q: I received a ticket for “improperly displayed decal”, but my permit was lying on the dashboard.

The display instructions for the current permit indicate that the permit must be properly adhered to the windshield of the vehicle. By not applying the permit as instructed, you may receive a ticket for “improperly displayed decal”. If assistance is needed in applying your decal, stop by Police Services.

Q: I do not have a permit, but I parked on campus after 5:00 p.m. and received a citation? Why?

Any parking lot is open to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors after 5:00 p.m. However, to legally park any vehicle on campus at any time requires a parking permit.

Q: I have a state disabled parking permit. Will that enable me to park anywhere on campus?

Lots have ADA accessible parking and signage depicts the location of these areas. However, even if you have a displayed Disability sticker, you are also required to have a university parking permit.

Q: What if all the disabled spaces are taken and I have a disabled parking permit?

You will have to park in another legal space. If you are severely disabled and are unable to do this, please call 601-877-3000 for assistance.

Q: If I have to purchase a new windshield, do I have to buy another parking permit?

With proof of incident, a replacement decal may be purchased for $10.00.

Q: What if all the spaces in particular lots are occupied?

You should park your car in another lot that has available space.

Q: Why must commuter students park at the commuter lot (stadium)?

Designated parking is available for commuters at the stadium lot. Commuters are also offered parking permits at reduced rates because its use helps reduce congestion on the core of the campus during peak hours. A shuttle bus to the core of the campus is available to transport those who park in that location. The shuttle runs every half hour, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Q: How do I pay for a ticket that I have received?

You may pay your fines at the cashier’s office located on the second floor of WWACB.The mailing address is as follows:
1000 ASU Drive #509, Alcorn State, MS, 39096.

Q: What if I dispute a citation that I have received?

The rates for violations are listed at www.alcorn.edu/parking. Fines should be paid at the cashier’s office (WWACB 2nd Floor). A request for an appeal must be made within ten (10) business days of the issuance of the citation. You may submit an appeal to the Department of Parking Operations electronically, using the Request for Appeals Form available on the Parking website.

Q: My citation appeal was denied. What are my options?

You may either pay the citation in full, or if you feel the decision was made in error and wish to provide additional supporting documentation, you may request another appeal.

Q: I want to appeal a ticket, but I need to register for classes (or get a transcript) and the ticket is preventing me from doing so. What should I do?

You can pay your ticket and still proceed with the appeal’s process. If the ticket is waived by the Appeals Committee, a refund will be issued to you.

Q: Who is the parking appeals committee and how often does the committee meet?

The parking appeals committee is independent of the Department of Parking Services. The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and student representation at Alcorn State University. The committee meets weekly to review all requests for appeals.

Q: I don’t agree with the parking regulation that I violated. Can I appeal on these grounds?

No. The issue in your appeal is not whether the parking regulations are fair, but whether

Q: Are parking permits required for visitors?

Yes. Alcorn State University offers complimentary permits for visitors to the campus. Complimentary permits are available at the Welcome Center at the front gate, for visitors, vendors, and contractors and are valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours, a temporary permit must be purchased in the Department of Parking Operations. Departments and faculty and staff who reside in campus housing who expect visitors for an extended stay, should contact the Department of Parking Services for accommodations.

Q: What if I drive a different vehicle on a temporary basis?

Temporary permits are valid for seven days, at a cost of $10.00.

Q: If I am a visitor and failed to pay a parking citation, what will happen?

If your vehicle is not registered with a parking permit and you are not associated with the university, fines will be assessed against the vehicle owner.

Q: My friend borrowed my car and parked illegally on campus, incurring a citation. Who is responsible?

Even if you lend your vehicle, you will still be held responsible for any citations issued to it. The registrant of the vehicle is responsible for any citations, regardless of who is driving the vehicle at that time.

Q: How can I avoid receiving any parking tickets?

If you avoid parking illegally under any circumstances and have a valid parking permit, you should never get a ticket.

Q: How do I contact the Department of Parking Services?

Please call 601-877-6823 or 6822 to contact the Department of Parking Services. You may also contact the Department of Parking Services by emailing .