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Parking Permit Pricing

Everyone who operates a vehicle on campus must purchase a parking permit. Parking or operating a vehicle on campus without a valid parking permit may result in a citation or your vehicle being towed at your expense.




Effective August 1, 2021





Faculty/Staff (2 Vehicles)


Residential Students




Summer School (2 sessions)



Temporary Permits

$10.00 (expires after 7 days)

Replacement Permits

$10.00 (with proof of incident)

24-Hour Permits

Complimentary – After 24 Hours, a Temporary Permit must be purchased

Parking Infraction Fines

This year, there is no early registration discount offered for faculty and staff. Enhanced enforcement methods are going to be implemented with new personnel under the jurisdiction of the Parking Services Department. Fines will be administered starting Sept. 15, for all parking infractions. Fines are as follows:

Infraction Fine
No Decal $65 (This fine is in addition to the decal fee)
No Car Tag $100
Failure to Display Decal $65
Parking in a Handicapped Zone without State Issued Handicapped Permit $100
Parking in a Handicapped Zone without an ASU permit in addition to the handicapped permit $65
Parking in Exclusive Parking $100
Parking in Highly Restricted Area $100
Obstructing a Wheelchair Route $50
Parking in Restricted Parking $50
Parking in No Parking Zone $50
Blocking a Fire Lane or Fire Hydrant $50
Parking Adjacent to Yellow Curb $20
Parking on the Grass $50
Parking in Loading Zone $20
Parking in Closed Off Area $50
Parking in Area Marked Yellow $20
Parking in a Non-Designated Area $50
Double Parking $50
Abandoned Vehicle $20
Resident Student Out of Zone $35
Commuter Student Out of Zone $35
Staff Out of Zone $50
Improper Decal $65