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Center for Biotechnology


Program Description

The primary purpose of the Master of Science Degree Program in Biotechnology is to train students in cellular and molecular biology, and genetic engineering. The students will be provided with a firm foundation in the principles of genetics and molecular biology of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.The students will then specialize in an area appropriate to their interest and career goals. Graduates will be prepared to assume government, higher education, and industry positions or continue their training towards advanced degrees in graduate or professional schools.

Students completing a master’s degree in biotechnology will possess the required skills to succeed in the rapidly growing and specialized biotechnology workforce.

By providing outreach and public service, producing or contributing to the production of enhanced crops, specialized medicinal crops, enhanced farming and pest control techniques and protocols, to name only a few of the area’s of potential impact, our graduates will have a global impact.

A successful student upon completing a master’s degree in biotechnology, will broaden their specific knowledge, in biotechnology and related fields of study. They will:

  1. be able to clearly articulate the research goals, objectives, as well as, experimental design goals, and potential experimental outcomes of a proposed thesis-level research project;
  2. organize, interpret, and present the results generated by a thesis-level research project, in a manner consistent with the guidelines set forth by the Alcorn State University School of Graduate Studies.
  3. be able to prepare and submit an abstract of approved thesis-level research work at national, regional, or state research conferences and be able to make a quality oral or poster presentation at a designated conference; and...
  4. be prepared to obtain employment in related biotechnology fields, or admission to a doctoral degree program at a university, or enhance the likelihood of entering a professional program leading to a position at a teaching institution such as secondary schools, community colleges, or occupational/technical/vocational schools.