Where Knowledge and Character Matter ®

Faculty and Staff


Dr. Thir Dangal, tdangal@alcorn.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 601-877-6432
Office: MASCI 130

Anthony Dodgen.jpg

Mr. Anthony Dodgen
, anthony@alcorn.edu
Phone: 601-877-3982
Office: MASCI 117

Mr. Stephen Love, slove@alcorn.edu
Instructor of Computer Science
Phone: 601-877-3983
Office: MASCI 118
Kasum Pandey.jpg

Ms. Kusum Pandey
, klpandey@alcorn.edu
Phone: 601-877-3985
Office: MASCI 127

Ms. Tamaria Tinsley
, ttinsley@alcorn.edu
Instructor of Mathematics
Phone: 601-877-3988
Office: MASCI 122
Tapan Tiwari.jpg

Dr. Tapan Tiwari, tapan@alcorn.edu
Phone: 601-877-6609
Office: MASCI 122
Chunmun Trivedy.jpg

Ms. Chunmun Trivedy, ctrivedy@alcorn.edu
Phone: 601-877-3986
Office: MASCI 115
Elizabeth Udemgba.jpg

Ms. Elizabeth Udemgba, eudemgba@alcorn.edu
Phone: 601-877-6608
Office: MASCI 123
Lixin Yu.jpg

Dr. Lixin Yu, lixin@alcorn.edu
Phone: 601-877-6433
Office: MASCI 110

Ping Zhang.jpg

Dr. Ping Zhang, pzhang@alcorn.edu
Chair and Associate Professor
Phone: 601-877-6431
Office: MASCI 101


Inger Frye.jpg

Ms. Inger A. Frye
, ifrye@alcorn.edu
Department Secretary
Phone: 601-877-6430
Office: MASCI 101
01Courtney Reed.JPG

Ms. Courtney Reed
, cpreed@alcorn.edu
Coordinator of University Math Center
Phone: 601-877-6692
Office: University Math Center