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All music majors must perform in a major ensemble (Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, or Concert Choir) each semester throughout their course of study. All instrumental majors are required to perform in the Marching Band during football season. For the concert season there are two performing organizations for instrumental majors: the Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band.

The Wind Ensemble is open to all university students by audition. Placement is determined by the audition score and needs of the ensemble. The ensemble performs standard literature.

The Concert Band is open to the general college student by audition. It is required of instrumental music majors who are not selected for the Wind Ensemble. The band performs standard literature.

Participation in the Jazz Ensemble is open to all students subject to the approval of the director. The ensemble was originally formed to provide performance experience in African-American related music. In addition to the standard jazz repertoire, the ensemble regularly programs original student compositions and arrangements.

The ASU Concert Choir is open to all students by audition. This organization offers a challenge to the singers in that the literature demands a high caliber of performance. Voice majors are required to sing in this organization.

Small ensembles, instrumental and vocal, are open to students on a selective basis. The variety of ensembles is determined by the number and composition of majors and non-majors.